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Jewelry closing styleThreadless
Material14 karat gold

When one chain just isn’t enough!

Quinn brings the energy, a triple hang chain set with both rolo style and beaded chain 
Perfect for paired nostrils, industrials or any two piercings up to 22mm apart.


Chains measurements:

  • 1st chain 22mm
  • 2nd chain 24mm
  • 3rd chain 32mm


Add this chain behind your existing jewelry or attach it to a ring to upgrade your piercing.


Tops and posts are sold separately !!


Length recommendations as follows (actual fitment varies);

  • 16mm fits most Forward Helix, Tragus & Mid-Helix Piercings
  • 20-25mm fits most Conch, Helix, Nostril & Industrial Piercings
  • 30mm fits most Flat & Conch Piercings