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Tattoo Bodymilk

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It is important to use the Carl & Johan Care products after the skin has recovered (after placing a tattoo). The products keep your tattoo young, let the colors shine and ensure a lasting, clean line.

TIP: older tattoos and graying tattoos can shine back by using our C&J care products on a daily basis.



  • Extra moisturizing
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Protects the color and lines
  • Boost the lipid barrier
  • Penetrates the skin immediately
  • Protection against age spots


After the tattoo has been placed, you can use the body milk daily to keep the colors and lines intact.

Also for tattoos that have been placed for a long time, this is recommended to boost the color again.


You can also use the body milk BEFORE the tattoo placement. Using the body milk 10 days before placement ensures that the skin optimally absorbs the ink pigments, so that you can expect a more beautiful and refined end result. The body milk also ensures that the skin is sufficiently hydrated, so that the tattoo artist will also be able to place the tattoo smoothly.

Size100 ML
 Start 2 weeks before tattoo, continue starting 2 weeks after tattoo