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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Products & Jewelry

When is the jewelry coming back in stock?

  • If you want something specific that's not available anymore, please send me an email and I'll order it for you or maybe it's already on the way from the jeweler.
  • If you want something from a brand that I'm selling but I do not have the model you're looking for, let me know and I'll order it for you.
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I like a piece of jewelry but I want another color gold, or another type of gem.

  • A lot of the jewelers I work with have over 250 types of gems, I usually order the more basic colors to showcase in the webshop and studio. If you would like a certain gem, please let me know what model and what gem you would like. I can totally help you find the correct size, cut, color that you're looking for to make your piercing dreams come true.
    You can have a little peak here and see all the gem options possible.

Shipping & Return

To which countries do you ship + price?

There is free shipping in Europe for orders over 150€.

  • Belgium: 6€
  • The Netherlands: 8€
  • Austria: 16€
  • Bulgaria: 25€
  • Croatia: 25€
  • Czech Republic: 18€
  • Denmark: 17€
  • Estonia: 22,50€
  • Finland: 20€
  • France: 12€
  • Germany: 8,50€
  • Greece 25€
  • Hungary: 20€
  • Italy: 17,50€
  • Lithuania: 22€
  • Luxembourg: 10€
  • Monaco: 15€
  • Montenegro: 25€
  • Norway: 25€
  • Poland: 18€
  • Portugal: 19€
  • Romania: 24€
  • Slovenia: 20€
  • Spain: 20€
  • Sweden: 20€
  • Switzerland: 20€ 
  • United Kingdom: 15€
  • United States: 30€
  • If your country is not on here and you live in the EU, send me a mail and I'll fix it for you.

Can I return my order?

  • Jewelry and aftercare arrives in a sterilised little bag, as long as the bag isn't ripped you can return your order. Costs for return shipping is paid by the customer.

Carriers + Delivery time.

  • All orders are shipped with the local post or DPD, depending on your countries policies delivery will take up to 2-3 business days.