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Firefly - Black Diamond

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Threaded End - Firefly - 8x4mm - 3 Marquise Shapes with 6x 1mm Prongs - MILGRAIN EDGES


1mm Black Diamond VS (6)


Tops and posts are sold separately !!

All threadless tops fit all threadless posts, internally threaded items fit same size (1.2 ends fits 1.2 posts, 1.6 ends fit 1.6 posts)


All titanium can be anodized
Let us know in the notes of your order what colour you'd like your jewelry to be anodised to.
(Red, white and black are not an option, these colours only exist in plating, we do not sell plated piercing jewelry)

Size8 x 4mm
Jewelry closing styleInternally Threaded 16G - 1.2mm
Material14 karat gold
Gem1mm Black Diamond VS (6)