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Please click the button below to book your piercing appointment online. 


  • Book 1 appointment per person. If you want a piercing + a check up or jewelry change of another piercing, you can just book 1 piercing appointment and we'll have enough time.

    The appointments are set at 45 minutes minimum, this is more than enough time to do up to 3 piercings, jewelry changes... for 1 person.

  • If you come with a friend or 2 friends, I need 2 appointments.

    If you make 2 appointments the same day, with the same name, we will assume that you didn't read the rules and we will delete the second appointment. We can pierce 2 - 3 piercings in 1 appointment. If the second appointment was for a friend, that friend has to make the appointment in their own name. 
  • Age restriction:
    4 - 12 years: only lobe piercings
    12 - 14 years: helix piercing
    14 - 16 years: all ear piercings, navel piercing
    16 - 18 years: face piercings, dermal, surface piercing. If allowed by your school.
    18 years: Nipple piercings

    You need a parent or guardian until the age of 16.

  • Appointments can be cancelled up to 24h in advance online, there is a link in your confirmation mail, or you can send me a quick message on Instagram or Email. If you do not show up to your appointment and didn't cancel or sent me a message you will be blacklisted.

  • Jewelry bought elsewhere will not be installed by us. We only use the jewelry from our studio, so we can guarantee the quality and the polish. 

  • When arriving 15 minutes late on your appointment, you will not be pierced anymore. 
    Please arrive on time.
  • You can check the webshop for jewelry per style, or jewelry per piercing.

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