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About La P'tite Rebelle
High End Piercing Studio Knokke

La p'tite Rebelle was founded by Géradline Garnier in 2018.

The name is an ode to Géraldine's grand mother who always called her 'Ma p'tite Rebelle', which means, my little rebel in French dialect.

After training in Amsterdam and London, Géraldine started her journey in a tattoo shop as a junior piercer and learned as much as she could before opening her own piercing only studio in Knokke.

The concept is, that she wanted to use and sell only the best jewelry out there. Every brand and piece of jewelry has it's own certificate with proof of quality, and al piercing jewelry brands have been checked for ethical and safe work environments.

Géraldine does regular trainings to obtain the newest techniques, new information about hygiene and sterility, updates on jewelry quality, trouble shooting...

After a lot of work she became the president of the APP Benelux and a member of the global APP. 
This is an organization that stands for safe piercing with high quality and safe jewelry. These organizations check everything in your studio to the smallest details to ensure everything is up to standard.
The rules go over anything that has to do with hygiene, sterility, safety for the client and safety for the staff.

Géraldine also graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as an Applied Jeweler Professional.

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What can you do at La p'tite Rebelle

- Get pierced with the best jewelry on the market
- Upgrade and change jewelry for existing piercings
- Get help healing a piercing, Géraldine's knowledge goes way beyond
- Plan ear curations and see what piercing and/or jewelry fits your lifestyle
- Private piercing parties

Go book your piercing appointment if you want to see, what she can do for you.