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Daith piercings: do they cure migraines?

Daith piercings: do they cure migraines?

Curing a migraine with a piercing is a myth.

Let's start with, no, they do not cure migraines! 

Yes, a lot of people claim they do, but this has never been proven.
Telling your client this is a medical piercing, while this piercing isn't performed by anyone in the medical field is flat out lying to your client.

Yes, I have a lot of clients that claim this piercing has helped with their migraines, but I also have a lot of clients that say, the migraines came back after a few months or it didn't even help at all.

Why is this the case?
Close to, but not on the spot where we pierce, there is a pressure point that helps your blood pressure. High blood pressure, can be a cause of migraines.
The pressure point is at the bottom of the helix cruz where it meets the conch of the ear, a daith piercing is pierced at the top of the helix cruz where there is a little soft spot.
If we would pierce at the bottom of the cruz, it would more look like a surface piercing trough the conch, which would be extremely painful and you lovely jewelry would constantly flip upwards and not lay down nicely in your ear.

daith migraine piercing

I don't think I need to tell you that as piercers, we pierce through the skin, we don't install something that causes a light pressure on the skin.

So, when piercing near that pressure point, due to swelling in the first stages of your healing proces, it might be possible (depending on your anatomy) that the pressure point gets triggered and feels some pressure and your migraines somewhat stop.
But once your piercing heals, swelling disappears.

Yet sometimes, because we add jewelry, it still might be possible that that pressure point still feels some pressure.

It is possible this helps for your migraine, it's also very possible that it doesn't.
If you want this specifically for your migraine, I would advise against it, but it sure is a beautiful piercing.

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