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Neilmed Piercing Aftercare

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The power of salt in healing has been known since ancient times; Egyptian physicians recommended salt to treat wounds as far back as 1600 B.C. Sodium chloride disinfects and encourages healing by drawing liquid out of bacteria, disabling the bacteria and allowing wounds to heal.

With such an effective natural resource, there’s no need to improve upon it. Over the years, we’ve developed more sterile ways of producing salt water solutions, but when it comes down to it, a good saline solution isn’t more than salt and water, and it shouldn’t be; salt is a potent disinfectant on its own without adding chemicals that can do more harm than good.

This is exactly what you’ll find on the ingredients label of NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare Saline Solution: pharmaceutical-grade water and sodium chloride.




The need for a fine mist spray in the piercing aftercare world spurred the creation of NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare. The fine mist application allows users to spray saline solution directly onto their piercing rather than having to soak their piercing in a saline bath or use a cotton ball to apply the saline solution. This creates a more sterile application process and offers a cleaning solution that makes it easy to clean surface piercings like cartilage piercings.



  • Easy-to-use fine mist applications
  • Bag-on-valve technology keeps the contents sterile and sprays even when the can is tipped upside down
  • Ability to spray saline directly onto the piercing